Q.  I don’t know where to start – I am so frustrated with my look and my wardrobe.

A.  It is usually recommended to start with a 20 minute introductory chat to find out what your challenges are and we can explain how we can provide solutions for you 

Q.  I don’t know whether to have a session now to find my colours and style or wait until I have lost weight?

A. It is always good to look your best so that you can feel great on your weight loss journey which can be made an enjoyable process and we can advise you on how to adjust your outfits as you work towards your goal.

Q.  I am worried that going to a Personal Stylist will make me look like someone else and that I wont be able to keep up the “look”.

A.  The goal of a personal stylist should be to ensure that you are the best version of yourself that you can possibly be which includes an assessment of personality and lifestyle as well as colour and body shape. Each person is an individual. 

Q.  What is the difference between going to Beauty Glow and another stylist?

A.  Moana is a Personal Stylist who is fully qualified as an Image Consultant in Colour and Style and who is also a fully qualified Beauty Therapist. Because of her experience in the corporate world and also as a wife, mother and grandmother she is aware of a lot of the challenges that a lot of women experience in their day to day life and her goal is to give professional, friendly and confidential service so that you can feel confident every day.

Q.  I never know what colour lipstick is going to suit me or what sort of foundation to buy.

A.  Your time during your consultation is devoted to you and because we have a full range of makeup for you to try and buy (if you wish to) this is the perfect opportunity to have expert advice and ask questions. When you buy in a department store it is very hard to see makeup in a natural light. Your skin, eye and hair colouring all count towards what colour makeup is going to suit you.

Q.  There are certain areas of my body that I just don’t like and I always find it hard to find clothes to fit.

A.  There are many ways to take attention away from certain areas and a consultation and/or shopping trip is a great way to discover new ways to wear clothes that will flatter your whole figure.

Q.  I am embarrassed to let anyone see my wardrobe as it is just a mess.

A.  There is absolutely no need to feel anything like this as a Personal Stylist is always going to help with this very problem. The goal is for you to feel proud of your wardrobe and enjoy going into it every day to work out what to wear in very fast time if you are in a hurry or even at a leisurely pace to get ready for an ecvent and most importantly enjoy your wardrobe and everything in it because you will love every garment in it.

Q.  I can never find any clothes in the shops to suit me.

A.  At Beauty Glow we LOVE shopping so you would be surprised at what can be found during a style shopping session. Many boutiques specialise in a certain type of clothing which may suit a particular Style Personality. The key is discovering what your Style Personality is and focusing on clothes to suit. We havent met one person yet who hasn’t enjoyed their shopping experience.


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