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“Beauty Creates Confidence and
Confidence is Beautiful”

DID YOU KNOW: Makeup has been embedded in our culture for more than 6000 years and dates back to the early Egyptians and Greeks?

For centuries makeup has been changing lives. It is used to enhance your best features and boost your confidence – and I believe it is confidence that makes you beautiful.

Helping women strive to be the best person they can be both personally and professionally is why qualified beauty therapist and Brisbane image consultant Moana Robinson gets up in the morning.

Makeup makeover mission

“My mission is to help you look and feel your best so you exude complete confidence, knowing you are reflecting yourself at your personal best to look and feel appropriate for all situations. I believe this promotes a sense of wellbeing and pride, and you can be the best YOU.”

“I started Beauty Glow because I appreciate how what you wear and how you wear your makeup can have an impact on how others see and perceive you. We work with women between 30-60 years old who enjoy looking, feeling and being their best.”

Cosmetics credibility

Passionate about style and helping women look and feel their best, Moana has been an Independent Arbonne consultant for seven years. She has always had keen interest in the world of fashion and beauty, ever since she was a little girl who used to play with her mother’s cosmetics. Moana’s mother used to have a set of stage makeup from her acting days in the top shelf of her wardrobe. It was fun getting this down and playing with it.

 “I cannot help but comment when someone looks great – the words just come out. I genuinely appreciate lovely clothes but, more importantly, seeing a person wearing something that really suits them and displays their true personality”.

Professional advice

We offer confidential, friendly and professional advice on the best skincare, makeup, colour and style to suit your lifestyle and individuality.

However, as an image consultant and having spent time in the past eight years with many women from all walks of life, I have noticed they face three common problems:

  • They lack confidence in themselves and their appearance.
  • They want to change their look but don’t know how.
  • They don’t feel like they have the time to do it.

How we can help you

Beauty Glow is a safe place for you to discuss anything to do with skincare, makeup and style, and we can help you in three ways: 

  • Build your confidence and improve self-esteem.
  • Share information about colours, makeup, skincare and style, so you can always look your best.
  • Teach you how to do this quickly and easily, so time is not an issue.

MAKEUP TIP: Look after your skin with a daily skincare routine and you will reap the rewards of flawless makeup.

Your kind words

I love to see women blossom and genuinely care and enjoy helping and supporting others. This is how we come to receive this beautiful feedback:

What an incredible way to start the year! Moana did my colours with a full colour draping consultation. It was a really fun afternoon and I had no idea just how much difference wearing the right colours can make. Moana was so helpful in finding the best matches for me and they were spot on. The clothes I have tried on since have definitely been more flattering for my skin tone. I will be back for a makeup consult! ~ Michelle, Seven Hills

If you are going through a life change or just want to look and feel your best, please see an image consultant and talk with me about makeup, style and skincare. 

Be the best version of yourself.

To book a consultation, call 1300 366 675 or 0419 120 087, or email


Makeup made easy: Top 3 questions answered

I am often asked makeup questions and there’s nothing I love more than to share my knowledge and help women to look and feel their best. Here are the top three makeup questions I get asked regularly.

  1. Should I change my basic makeup colours as the seasons change?

Yes, definitely. For example, your foundation may need to be lighter or darker depending on how tanned you are in the summer or if you lose colour in the winter.

  1. How do I find the “right” red lipstick?

It really is best to find out from us whether you have “warm” or “cool” colouring. You should always choose a red lipstick with a cool tone (that means a blue base) if you are have cool colourings, or yellow or orange undertones if you have warm colourings. This is really important as the right red lipstick can look amazing.

If you have never tried a red lipstick before, it’s well worth trying one…just make sure you know your skin tone first. Feel free to inquire about our Introduction to Colour Consultation or Full Colour Consultation. The Full Colour Consultation includes a colour swatch and also our Five Minute Face Makeover lesson.

  1. How can I make my foundation last all day?

Definitely use a makeup primer. This is the trick. Especially if you are in a humid climate where makeup can literally feel as though it is sliding off your face. A primer can be worn under mineral powder foundation or liquid foundation. We also use a CC cream, which can be layered with your foundation to ensure really good coverage that lasts and lasts. If wearing a liquid foundation, I always like to finish with a sheer pressed powder to give that picture-perfect look. If you wish you can take the compact out with you to touch up. If applied correctly though, your makeup should last almost all day and just need extra applied if going out at night.

Moana can:
  • Colour match your foundation to suit your skin type and tone
  • Show you how to apply your foundation for a smooth, perfect canvas
  • Show you how to apply makeup to make the most of your best features
  • Give you friendly, helpful advice about the best way to use your makeup