Six Core Needs and Our Wardrobe

How Do these Core Needs Affect our Decision Making

At our Life Coaching Course this weekend we went into the Six Core Needs and how they affect how we make decisions.  This got me thinking about how we make our wardrobe choices.

I figured as with choosing what to eat for dinner day to day and week to week wardrobe choices can depend largely on how your core needs are balanced.

The two core needs which are more spiritual “Growth and Contribution” may affect the way we choose our clothes.  If  we want to improve our style of dressing and grow our sense of style.  Maybe constantly learning new makeup techniques and exploring tips and tricks can relate to “Growth”.  “Contribution” may change how our wardrobe is split up with the clothes that we wear when say, contributing to charity events.  Also when we are sorting our wardrobe whether we make a conscious effort to donate to charity or give to friends and family.

The core needs of “Significance” and “Connection”  may be to do with whether we like to “dress to impress” or dress to build rapport and “connection” with our peers.

The core needs of “Certainty” and  “Variety” –  depending on how those needs are weighted for an individual may determine whether they dress according to their mood at the time or whether they plan ahead.  People who like “certainty” would feel panicked if they did not have every item sorted prior to attending an important event.  They may love dressing in a uniform.  Someone who favours “variety” may love the spontaneity of  creating an outfit at short notice.  As well as a variety of clothing combinations they may like a variety of choice each day rather than have that certainty of knowing what to wear.

We all have differing levels of these core needs and there are some which are inbuilt and some which are consciously developed.

Do you like certainty or variety?  Do you like significance and to be noticed or to slip under the radar quite often?  Do you thrive on connection or prefer time alone?

I have discovered that I love the variety – wondering if you have ever worked out which core needs are most important to you?

We are all different and so much can determine how we make choices and decisions:

  • Culture
  • Genes
  • Upbringing
  • Education
  • Beliefs
  • Religion
  • Core Beliefs
  • Gender
  • Experiences
  • Financial circumstances
  • Relationships
  • Status
  • Career
  • Lifestyle

So much more … Interesting!  

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