Avoid the Stress When Getting Dressed

Stress When Getting Dressed can Affect Our Health, Social life and whole Day!

Would you agree?  Can you relate to this?  I have heard of at least two women who have been so stressed that they have turned down social occasions because they just knew they wouldn’t be able to decide what to wear. Imagine being able to enjoy getting dressed to go out and being able to get dressed quickly so that you can walk out the door feeling confident and showing your own style.

Before having children which was a long time ago I used to change quite a few times before going out anywhere.  I had that luxury and even if it was going to work in the morning being a true Libra Star Sign I would want everything perfect and could never make up my mind.  Once the children came along that soon changed.  Dress quick – that was it!

Now the children have grown up and I have so many other activities that I love to spend my time on again I don’t have the time or inclination to spend ages deciding what to wear.  As well as the time factor who wants all those piles of clothes to put away?  How cool to be able to look at the weather, think of the occasion you are dressing for sports, work, social, formal and then just get dressed knowing that whatever you put on will be just right for you.

You can avoid that last minute stress and piles of clothes to put away by:
  1. Knowing your most flattering colours and styles
  2. Only having in your wardrobe clothing and accessories that fit your own style recipe and colour palette
  3. Once you have your colour palette sorted you will know that your clothing is always going to be the right colour for your skintone, hair and eye colour AND look good with other accessories you own
  4. Make sure that all your clothing is a great fit for your body shape and the size that you are now.  Feeling comfortable in your clothing is important no matter what you are doing.
  5. If you have the space you can split your clothing into sections to cater for  different aspects to your life – Hobbies, Sports, Work, Meetings, Family Outings, Socialising
  6. If you are the sort of person who likes to be prepared well before an event ensure you have the outfit ready ahead of time to get dressed into.  Some people even plan their outfits for the following week no matter what their itinerary is.  I am writing about this in a subsequent post. 
  7. Ensure you are getting dressed for you with regard to your own style, personality, colours and comfort however also  take  into account the occasion.  
  8. Consideration for others when you dress is not about fitting in with everyone else.  It is about consciously dressing so that you can reflect who you are to the world and show respect for other people.
  9. Last but not least Number 9 – Get dressed and leave on time.  Know that you look great, you feel great and you don’t need to second guess that choice of clothing. If you are dressed as YOU, wearing YOUR colours and style, in comfortable clothing suitable for the occasion you are going to you can’t go wrong.
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