Red Hot Tips to Keep Cool This Summer


The main things to consider when choosing summer outfits are wearing natural fibres, loose fitting clothes, simple designs and light-weight accessories.

Steer clear of anything made from synthetic fibres such as polyester – these materials trap perspiration incredibly.  I know that I cannot stand anything that has too much synthetic in it when the weather really heats up.

Natural fibres such as cotton and linen are cool to wear during the summer months.

Rayon is not strictly a natural fibre because it goes through quite a process which can involve acetate composites being added to the naturally derived cotton or wood pulp material. However rayon can be quite cool and light to wear.

Silk is a durable fabric great for tops, blouses and dresses which is very breathable and non-allergenic.  It is surprisingly quite durable.

Keeping cool in tight clothes is really difficult – that means you might have to get rid of the jeans, pantyhose and stockings for a few months.

Capri pants are a cooler and chic alternative on the weekend.

For work consider natural fibre pants and stylish cool tops.

The following are tips for women wanting to stay cool and fresh this summer:

  • Natural fibres: The best choices are linen, cotton, silk and rayon.
  • Avoid tight fitting clothes: You are going to look your best if you look comfortable and if you are comfortable – and it’s hard to stay cool when clothes are clingy.
  • Light-weight jewellery: Even statement pieces such as large necklaces can be cool to wear if you ensure that they aren’t made from heavy materials – try wooden filigree earrings.  A great way to brighten and accessorize neutrals.
  • Add a scarf: Quite often a scarf, made from natural fibre, can add colour to a neutral coloured dress – the plain cotton T-shirt can be styled with a scarf and the neckerchief scarf is so on trend for summer 2015.
  • Dresses: Definitely the coolest thing to wear – whether they are long or short.
  • Sleeves – Long sleeves during the hot summer months need to be loose and sheer or open-weave and made from breathable fabric.  Lace sleeves are perfect and so in fashion this summer.
  • White Clothing – reflects light – So in direct sunlight white clothing is going to be cooler than dark colours
  • Black Clothing – absorbs heat and does seem to make us feel even warmer in the summer especially if you are in direct sunlight

It is good to wear clothing that is comfortable and practical for our climate as well as aesthetically pleasing.

The important aspect of  stylish summer dressing is wearing colour and style to suit you as an individual made from a cool fabric.

Do you have summer clothes that are really summery-looking and you would probably only wear them in summer?  You keep by-passing them because they are uncomfortable?  Maybe it is time to do a wardrobe audit (download our workbook here) or contact Moana to help you sort your summer wardrobe.

For more information about the summer fashion contact Moana Robinson at Beauty Glow.