Long Haul Travel in Comfort

Can you Travel in Comfort AND Style?

Comfort YES its a must!  Yes to  comfort AND style.   I class long haul as anything over 9 hours.  Sitting on a plane for a long time can be challenging.  My tips for stylish travel with comfort are as follows (especially for those 15 or 23 hour flights):

  • Keep it casual – If you are being met at the other end by a business associate “smart casual” can still be achieved by wearing co-ordinating comfortable clothes and taking a jacket for when you reach your destination.
  • To function efficiently after most long haul flights you may hopefully have allowed time to rest and change before going to your meetings
  • Leggings and tops are great for travel, layered with an easily removable shirt or jacket
  •  Garments made from  fabric which is breathable for comfort and wrinkle resistant for style such as cotton polyester blends are best
  • Cooler tops underneath are good in case there is a delay until take off and the air-conditioning can quite often fluctuate during this time
  • The outer layer (jacket/cardigan/coat) if soft is good to use as extra padding when snoozing on the plane
  • Shoes need to be comfortable for standing in queues at customs and easily removable.  Make sure they are not shoes that will not “give” if your feet tend to swell during a flight
  • Moisturisers and lip balms are a great idea and the least amount of makeup possible.   The airconditioning on planes is exremely drying.  Your skin needs hydration.  Arbonne Regenerating Toner is a good spray mist during long flights. Arbonne Rejuvenating Cream with its emollient properties is great as a moisturiser on top to combat that drying air.
  • Keep jewellery simple.  Scarves are great for a bit of colour  and – again for comfort.  Bulky beads and earrings are not good for napping in.  Bangles in gold or silver or other materials such as plastic or natural are best.  It is a hassle taking metallic jewellery off when going through the metal detectors.
  • Take a pair of socks on the plane to change into 
  • Lots of meals come to you on the long flights and it is best to try to avoid the carbs, sugars and alcohol if you suffer after long flights.  The airlines are really good lately about constantly offering water and it is always good to take advantage of this – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
  • Think about colours you wear on the plane –  No matter how clean the plane is 400+ people onboard each  747 flight and 800+ on an A380  in such a confined space light colours are just not practical
  • Neutrals are best anyway for travelling for space economy and mixing and matching – For ideas on packing for travel see the article on No Stress Travelling in Style
  • As a hint for any spills or marks soda water is good for spot removals
  • Keep your hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, lipstick, mini spray deodorant and purse sized handcream handy for a freshen up before landing (Remember any gloss or toothpaste or other liquids or gels will need to be under 100ml)
  • Economy Comfort:  If you are lucky enough to travel Business or First Class the lie back seats are wonderful.  A comfort tip for Economy is to always have a sturdy bag that  can stow under the seat in front and  pull it out during a long flight to use as a footrest.

All the best for your trip whether for business or pleasure or both – Happy travels in comfort AND style!

Moana is a qualified Beauty Therapist and Personal Stylist.  For advice on Colour, Style, Skincare and products available suitable for travel contact Moana to arrange a consultation.