Sew Excited – Alterations Can Create a whole new Look

Take Up – Take In – Take Down – Add or Trim

Are you going through your wardrobe and doing a spring clean?  Do you sew?  If not most dry cleaners can do minor alterations which may completely change the look of a garment.  

I always say to women who are trying to lose weight that its so good to look and feel the best they can every single day.  How many times do you hear women say “when I get to my goal weight I will get myself something new” or “treat myself to a new outfit”.?   Alterations to a garment or outfit that is a fantastic colour and style for you mean that you can “adjust as you go”.

There are so many alterations that can make a quite inexpensive outfit look fantastic.  Below are a few tips on how alterations can make a difference to your life and your wardrobe

  • Sometimes you can buy “off the rack” clothes  on sale .. maybe not your size and just have them altered to look amazing.  Even with the cost of alterations you can literally save hundreds of dollars by making the most of clearance sales with odd sizes left.
  • If you love a dress for its style and colour and want a really “perfect” fit sometimes it is even works to buy  a size bigger to have a dressmaker make alterations personal to  your shape.
  • If you are having denim jeans altered it does pay to have this done professionally so that they can match the stitching correctly.
  • If you are looking for a regular dressmaker or tailor give them a simple alteration to do first to see how they go for time and quality of work.  This applies especially to expensive garments.  You dont want to risk having a lovely pair of pants taken up too short in length.
  • It is definitely worthwhile spending the time to find a good dressmaker or alterations person.  Develop a good communication with them and as with most businesses if you are a loyal and good customer they will usually be very obliging if you want something altered quickly for a special event.  Communication is very important as you need to convey to them exactly what you want and ensure that you are happy with the fitting before the alterations are done.
  • When you go for the alteration fitting ensure that you wear the other garments that you would wear with the garment to be altered and the same shoes especially if it is for a hem.  This applies to undergarments as well as a different bra under a top or dress can create a different look to something especially if it is quite fitted.  If you are having a coat  or jacket altered wear the thickest layer that you may be wearing underneath it to allow for layering.
  • If you are buying an outfit in a quality department store or boutique which needs some alteration it pays to ask whether they have a recommended dressmaker or alterations person as this will be someone who is trusted by that retailer to provide good quality service.
  • I have said before when talking about wardrobe spring cleans to have your baskets or bags for Donate, Dump or Darn.  The “darn” basket to me means alter as well as repair.  A dress or skirt can go from looking dowdy or frumpy if the incorrect length to very flattering with some centimetres taken off the hem.
  • Alterations such as hems, side seams, adding darts or tucks, altering sleeves, replacing zips or fasteners can be relatively inexpensive but some fiddly alterations to jackets, coats etc can be a bit more time consuming and costly.
  • If your time is better spent elsewhere  do not feel guilty about having these alterations done even if you can sew.  Alterations can save you so much money if you take into account the cost per wear of a garment that may not have otherwise been worn much at all because it didn’t fit correctly.

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