The Perfect Fit for Garments

Do Your Garments Fit Perfectly?

No matter whether you are dressing casually or for a special occasion it is important to ensure your clothes are the right fit for your body.  

Here are a few tips for you to ensure each of your garments is the right fit for you.  It is always handy to have someone (or you can do it yourself) measure your body accurately so that you know the fit according to measurement charts if shopping online.  It is always good to ensure a company has a return policy when shopping online in case the garment is an incorrect fit.  Different stores and brands will also vary in label sizes so a try on session is always worthwhile if you want to ensure the fit is right.

Your Perfect Fit Checklist


  • Do not pull across the shoulders
  • The lapels lie flat
  • You should be able to slide a flat hand inside your jacket under the lapels 
  • The vents do not pull open
  • The sleeves finish just on or a centimetre below your waist
  • You are able to cross your arms across your body
  • You are able to button it up without pulling
  • The jacket’s second button from the bottom should lie just above your belly-button, never below
  • With your arms at your sides, the sleeves should cover the wrist bone
  • If a jacket doesn’t fit your shape properly and flares out at the bottom part this means the jacket fit is too slim
  • Length of a suit jacket should finish just where the curve of the buttock starts to go inwards or.. where the middle of the hand is if arms are relaxed at the side.  This would be just past where the fingers start below the palm


  • Fit your neck properly when done up.  You should be able to fit two fingers in between the neck and the collar
  • If turning your head causes you to turn the collar also then your collar is too tight
  • Sleeves finish around 1cm below your jacket sleeve
  • Cuffs should be a bit looser than a good fitting watch and should end just where your palm starts
  • Your cuff should not move more than an inch up your wrist when you bend your arm 
  • Buttons do not gape open
  • The shoulder seam should be at your shoulder bone
  • Armhole seams should not be too tight 
  • You should be able to bend without your shirt becoming untucked
  • You should be able to put your hands behind your head comfortably
  • Sleeves on mens shirts should not be so loose that they “billow” when moving the arms


  • Only one break at the hem
  • The pleats lie flat against your body
  • You can fit two fingers between your body and the waistband
  • Does not pull across the front creating a crease at your hips
  • Dress trousers should not be tight to the leg nor billowing they should drape the leg comfortably
  • Avoid pleats in the front as they can make you appear heavier.
  • Trousers should have a single defined crease down the center of each pant leg.
  • If you have pants with side pockets that don’t sit right – sometimes they gape when sitting it is easy to have the pockets removed.  A dressmaker or dry cleaners who offer an alteration service can do this easily.  See article on alterations This will create a smoother silhouette.
  • Length of pants is important 2.5cm off the floor if you want to show your shoe a little or or a hem that’s a 6mm off the floor for floor-skimming styles, like wide-leg trousers – again, another easy job for someone who does alterations.


  • You can fit two fingers at the waistband
  • The splits remain closed except when walking (for a skirt with a split)
  • The right length (not too short for modesty and suitability reasons and not too long for body shape/fashion)
  • You can sit down comfortably without risk of the skirt splitting
  • All linings are hidden
  • Hangs straight down from your behind


  • Not too tight
  • Does not reveal too much cleavage
  • Sleeveless dresses do not have flesh oozing from under the armhole
  • No shorter than 2.5cm above the knee

So much of a garment’s fit and length is also to do with your personal body proportions and shape.

During a Wardrobe Audit your Personal Stylist can help with advice on the fit of all your garments that you are not sure about.  For all Style consultations contact Moana Robinson at Beauty Glow